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Hassles & Red Tape Are NOT What You Signed Up For

You got into the training business to share your expertise and teach others how to respond in an emergency. You’re committed to the mission of making protecting and saving lives easy.

But first, paperwork. And then more paperwork. Scheduling classes, ordering supplies, choosing programs, filing reports. All the stuff that has to be done for each and every class.

Lots of time at your desk means less time in your classroom.

What if there was a way to devote more of your day to doing what you love, and less time worrying about administration? All while providing training that’s effective, flexible, and easy to learn?

You just found it.

safety training solutions
Easy For Your People EASY FOR

Your Students Become Confident Responders When Skills Are Easy To Learn & Easy To Remember

Better Programs

Our award-winning, content-rich ASHI and MEDIC First Aid programs put lifesaving skills in context with real-life scenarios students can relate to.

Better Retention Tools

Quarterly refresher lessons and our Passport mobile app let your students revisit their training anytime, anywhere.

Better Practice

From an emphasis on small group practice all the way to our LOOP CPR skills game, your students get the hands-on training they need to succeed.

“Easy” Never Means Inaccurate

Our programs are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure you get the latest, most technically accurate course content. With an in-house team of regulatory experts researching new requirements and regulations as well as overseeing a robust quality assurance program, you can feel confident that your students receive the kind of training that builds the confidence to respond.

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“I think the amount of hands on, the amount of scenarios, the amount of live action that people get to do, is really more effective.”
Neal Shabashov, Life Support Services, CA
Easy For Your Business EASY FOR

You Focus On Protecting & Saving Lives, We'll Handle the Other Stuff

More Flexibility

Classroom learning or blended deliveries with an online component; we make it easy to help you bring your students the knowledge they need, the way they need it.

More Automation

Schedule, deliver, and administer, our programs easily with Otis, our Online Training and Information System.

More Support

From quick questions to in-depth, one-on-one training about our Otis learning management system, our customer service reps and tech support staff are ready to help you manage your training.

Getting The Word Out Just Got Easier

Marketing your classes, advertising your training, finding new audiences for your services — it all takes up valuable time. As an instructor for an HSI brand, you have access to a whole toolkit of resources to help with the business side of your business.

Your Otis platform is set up to assist you in spreading the word about your classes and services. From a website builder tool that makes creating web pages easy to a document section with ready-to-use flyers — just bring your creativity and let Otis get the job done.

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“Having somebody that’s got my back from HSI is very important to me because I know it doesn’t exist with the other organizations.”
Benjamin Karp, Georgia CPR, Georgia
Easy for You EASY FOR

Get Out From Behind Your Desk & Into Your Classroom

Greater Results

In survey after survey, ASHI and MEDIC First Aid students have let us know that our instructors provide the training they remember.

Greater Confidence

Help your students make the leap from learner to responder by combining your expertise with our easy-to-learn programs.

Greater Satisfaction

Welcome to the rewarding work of the ASHI and MEDIC First Aid emergency care instructor.

Delivery Options That Work For Your People, Your Business, & You

Whether you are looking to save money and be more effecient in your trianing or looking to expand your training center offerings, HSI offers the ability for you to teach courses online or in the classroom. And in today's fast-paced mobile environment these options allow you to meet your students where they are, giving you the ulitmate flexibility to meet your training student and customer needs.

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“Our retention is very high. We have very good success rates with our onsite emergencies that happen and how the staff respond.”
— Jerry Kilmer, Washington Department of Corrections, WA

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