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It’s Otis’s Birthday!


We’ve got an important birthday coming up here at our HSI offices. The Otis version of our long-time “Training Center Manager” system turns two this Fall. We rolled out the Otis learning management system in 2012 and have continued to improve it to give you the tools and resources you need to make training easy. 

Keeping it Safe in Manufacturing


The construction industry is usually top of mind when it comes to accidents in the workplace, but the equipment and processes used in the manufacturing sector can cause their share of accidents and incidents as well.  

Are You Transporting Dangerous Goods the Right Way?


With tons of hazardous materials and wastes being transported throughout Canada and across the United States every year, it is important to ensure the safety of this travel.  These shipments can include everything from explosives, flammables, corrosive or toxic chemicals to spent reactor fuel, low-level radioactive wastes, and disease-causing biological agents – all very dangerous stuff.

Fiscal Year-End Budgets and Summit Connect in 2015


As the end of the government fiscal year approaches, we know that many safety professionals are doing some advanced planning for their training programs for FY2015. One way to get next year’s program all lined up now is through Summit Connect.

September is National Preparedness Month – Are You Prepared?


September is traditionally a time to prepare: getting the kids back to school or maybe getting our gardens and houses ready for the cool seasons ahead. So perhaps its no surprise that FEMA declares September as National Preparedness Month, which:

You Won’t Want to Miss These Upcoming Events

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September is a busy month for HSI… we are attending 2 large conferences in the middle of September!  You’ll get a chance to visit our booths and learn more about the training services we are proud to provide.

Common Misconceptions about AEDs


We’ve talked a lot in this blog about automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and how they make a life-and-death difference in incidents of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). You can find AEDs in many public places, so you’ve no doubt walked past at least one at a mall, hotel, sports arena, or elsewhere.

HSI Conference Spotlight on Neuromarketing and Patrick Renvoise


The 2015 HSI International Conference planning team is completely stoked to have Patrick Renvoise of SalesBrain as our keynote speaker. We’ve worked with Patrick to bring his neuromarketing techniques to our HSI marketing and branding efforts, with many of our staffers taking Patrick’s workshops and working directly with the SalesBrain team on various projects.

Traveling for Labor Day? Expect to Have Company!


Attention all road warriors: a little patience will go a long week this upcoming Labor Day Weekend. According to AAA, we should expect that:

Good Samaritans to the Rescue


Let’s dip into our ever-growing file of Good Samaritan stories for some quick inspiration. 

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