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Quality Assurance

We make ongoing investments in the continuous improvement of the validity, defensibility, and effectiveness of HSI, our ASHI and MEDIC First Aid Training Centers, and our authorized instructors. We publish and administer a set of quality assurance standards and guidelines designed to help monitor and improve the performance of HSI and our approved ASHI and MEDIC First Aid Training Centers, and authorized Instructors. Our goal is to provide confidence that our training programs meet or exceed the expectations of learners and the requirements of regulatory authorities and other approvers. We accomplish this through random Quality Assurance Reviews of our approved Training Centers and by resolving formal complaints in a reasonable and consistent manner. Our standards are revised as necessary and published in the HSI Training Center Administrative Manual (TCAM) available here.


HSI does not offer or endorse online-only first aid or CPR training. ASHI and MEDIC First Aid training is competency-based. Certification requires evaluation and verification of a participant’s hands-on skill. (Click here to read OSHA's Letter of Interpretation on Online-Only Training).

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Registry Status Database

As part of our commitment to Quality Assurance, HSI maintains an online registry status database of all approved Training Centers, Authorized Instructors and Instructor Trainers (both current and past). Using this search tool, regulators, employers, and prospective customers can verify the status of the Training Center and of the Authorized Instructor or Instructor Trainer. Click Registry Status Database to the left to launch the search tool.

Rate Your Program

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MEDIC Rate Your Program

We encourage individuals who have participated in an ASHI or MEDIC First Aid to spend a few minutes providing feedback directly to HSI through our online “Rate Your Program” course evaluation to the right. In an effort to reward excellence and to strengthen future training efforts, we share both your praise and criticism with our authorized instructors.

Formal Complaints

A formal complaint is a written allegation that a Training Center Director or an Authorized Instructor or Instructor Trainer has committed a dishonest, unethical, unprofessional, or illegal act. HSI will not act on anonymous or verbal complaints. Anyone may submit a formal written complaint against an ASHI or MEDIC First Aid approved Training Center Director or Authorized Instructor.

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   ASHI Rate Your Program
To the extent possible, HSI will keep the complainant’s identity confidential throughout its inquiry. For more on our Formal Complaint Process, please see that section in the HSI Training Center Administrative Manual (TCAM) available above. To begin the Formal Complaint Process online, click the appropriate training program brand to the right.