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We Know What You’re Up Against

Getting your employees the right training at the right time is challenging. You need an EH&S solution flexible enough to accommodate emerging needs without breaking your budget, and automated enough to make administration easy.

Bottom line, you need employee safety training that can help make your job easier but still delivers on the promise of getting it done - on-time, and on-budget.

Between HSI's award-winning training content, the power of the Otis Training Manager, and flexible delivery options that get you the training you need, where you need it – you may have just found your answer.


employee safety training

Training Shouldn’t Be A Hassle For Your Students

Better Access

No matter the student or site training needs, we’ve got the delivery method that works for them.

Better Engagement

Quality training materials built on a foundation of live, onsite footage and adult learning theory work to increase student comprehension and retention.

Better Insights

Engaging content and quality production come together to create a better learning experience for students.

No Matter Where They Are, Your People Get The Training They Need

With over 300 EH&S topics, 150 professional responder topics, & a full suite of emergency care programs, you can be confident that HSI has the training your people need to stay in compliance and stay safe on the job.

With our customers and their industries in mind, we research, write, produce, and edit each one of our courses with technical accuracy and production excellence.

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"Effective workplace safety can only be achieved when everyone involved takes responsibility."

Why Go To Three Training Providers When You Can Go To One?

More Flexibility

Workplace safety training is readily available for each location and can be made company specific to ensure more engagement and retention, as well as better results.

More Savings

Unique purchasing options and multiple training formats give you the training you need, while still keeping you within those budget projections you’ve worked so hard on.

More Productivity

Fast and easy training, tracking, and reporting means less time away from the job, helping to foster higher productivity during training periods.

Administration That Keeps You In Charge

Training can be complicated, keeping it all organized can be even more complicated. We've built a suite of tools to help make your job easier. The Otis Learning Manager goes beyond the traditional learning management system, its built for those that train and need to stay in compliance.

Otis is in the cloud, meaning you have access wherever you are and however you want to recieve it. With so many tools built-in it really is the way of the future for those that train.

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"Over 40 percent of chief financial officers cited productivity as the top benefit of an effective workplace safety program."

Focus On Safety, Not On Paperwork

Greater Support

Get the info you need, when you need it, and let Otis’s automated processes do the rest.

Greater Power

From scheduling to reporting to equipment tracking, Otis makes it easy to manage your program and demonstrate its effectiveness to your C-suite.

Greater Success

Quality training solutions combined with powerful safety management software makes it easy to improve your safety culture, reduce incidents and associated costs, and show your value as a safety professional.

We Provide The Options, You Choose How They Get It

Whether you prefer to train your students in the classroom or are looking to expand your training online, HSI has the delivery options that give you the freedom of choice. Our rolodex is also full of highly-qualified instructors located all over the nation, so getting the specific training you need has never been easier.

Reduce cost and confusion, while delivering high quality content through the platform of your choice.


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"There is a direct positive correlation between investment in safety, health, and environmental performance and its subsequent return on investment."

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