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December 26, 2017

Winter Driving Mistakes Your Drivers Should Avoid

Winter is almost officially here in the U.S. and that means snow-covered roads and icy conditions. Today’s blog post looks at common winter driving mistakes your company’s drivers need to avoid. has a list of 14 mistakes all drivers need to avoid, including:

  • Skipping the routine maintenance. When the temperatures are ready to drop, change your wiper fluid from a 50/50 mixture of wiper fluid and water to all fluid (and carry an extra bottle of fluid in your vehicle). Add Anti-Freeze to Your Radiator and don’t skip your regularly scheduled oil and filter change
  • Not testing your vehicle. Checking your battery, headlights and taillights and replacing windshield wiper blades should be part of your winter prep for personal and company vehicles.
  • Not keep a winter driving kit in your vehicle. Shovels, blankets, flashlights, emergency snacks – they can be lifesavers.
  • Not focusing on your winter driving skills. There’s a good chance your drivers are driving too fast, too Close to Other Cars and may need to brush up on their ice-handling skills.

Big rigs hauling heavy loads require even more winter driving skill. offers 15 tips for truckers, including:

  • Don’t get complacent or overly confident
  • Accelerate and brake more slowly
  • Clear your windshield, mirrors and lights
  • Always keep your tanks as full as possible
  • Never drive tired, especially in bad weather

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