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March 14, 2017

Keeping Workers Safe with HAZWOPER Training

OSHA’s Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Standard is a familiar regulation for businesses that deal with hazardous substances.

HAZWOPER regulations apply to five groups of employers and their employees that conduct any of the following:

  • Required clean-up operation conducted at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites
  • Corrective actions involving clean-up operations at sites covered by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA)
  • Voluntary clean-up operations at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites
  • Operations involving hazardous wastes that are conducted at treatment, storage and disposal facilities regulated by Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 264 and 265 or by agencies under agreement with the EPA
  • Emergency response operations for releases of, or substantial threats of releases of, hazardous substances regardless of the location of the hazard

HAZWOPER training is mission-critical for any facility that manufactures, handles or transports hazardous materials, since such facilities have the potential for an accidental release of a hazardous material. There are a number of training options for such organizations, depending on who is being trained and how much training they need. HAZWOPER 8-Hour, 24-Hour and 40-Hour courses cover a range of topics and possible scenarios a worker might encounter on the job. From decontamination to disaster readiness to using PPE to effective hazard communications, a robust HAZWOPER training regimen can save lives and helps keep companies in compliance.

 Summit’s interactive online HAZWOPER training teaches employees safety best practices involved with hazardous materials operations, such as emergency response, clean-up, transportation, disposal, storage and treatment. Each course fully engages the student and provides a comprehensive learning session.

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