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April 22, 2015

HSI Conference Final Countdown – Keynote and General Sessions

We’re in the final countdown for our HSI International Conference, April 29 – May 1 in Nashville. We have some amazing sessions planned for you and can’t wait to see everyone at the Sheraton Music City next week. Here’s just a taste of what you can expect:

Keynote Presentation — Patrick Renvoise, SalesBrain
Neuromarketing is a persuasion model based on decades of research on the human brain that helps businesses capture customer attention, convince them that you have the products and services they need, and then close the deal. SalesBrain increases marketing performance by targeting the decision making part of your customer’s brain with a unique, award-winning, science-based NeuroMap™. In Patrick’s session, you’ll learn how to use the map and model to build your business in a whole new way.

General Session — Otis, Wow!
It’s Otis like you’ve never seen it before! In this general session, we’ll be unveiling an updated Otis with exciting new features to take your Training Center to the next level. Be one of the first to see the new Otis. And check out the breakout sessions for a deeper dive into the awesomeness that is the newly improved Otis.

Round-table Session — Marketing that Doesn’t Suck
Using the Lotus Blossom brainstorming technique and working with your peers, this active networking session with HSI Vice President of Marketing Sara Wesche will help you solve your marketing problems and create marketing opportunities. In addition to all those new ideas, you’ll learn a free association brainstorming technique that you can apply to both your professional and personal life.

Keynote Presentation — You, HSI, and the Future
Get ready for an in-depth look at how you can grow your business in 2015 and beyond. Bill Clendenen, HSI CEO and Tom Futch, HSI President and Chief Revenue Officer will share their playbook for how HSI plans to support your success. From targeting customers more efficiently to offering a greater portfolio of products and services, this keynote session is your ticket to gain insights and ideas to skyrocket your training center to the next level through your affiliation with HSI.

General Session — Guidelines Update, Process, and Change
HSI Senior Vice President for Regulatory & Quality Assurance Ralph Shenefelt provides overview of the history of CPR and FA guideline development, including the process leading up to the new Guidelines to be published mid-October 2015.

HSI Town Hall
In this open forum session, engage with a panel of peers from Training Centers like yours as well as HSI staff. From sales and marketing to technology and product development, our panel will address questions that were submitted prior to the conference, as well as engage with you in a live Q&A session. Don’t miss this general session for first-hand information and new ideas.

Keynote Presentation — Walter Watts, SCA Survivor
Walter Watts is beyond thankful to have survived sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 21. Having been unsuccessful at dying, Walter now finds success in advocating for SCA awareness and education through public speaking and acting as a Community Ambassador for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation. Walter is also diligently working to incorporate his cat into his love of kayaking.

Plus, don’t forget our post-conference moulage workshops!

Basic Moulage
A basic how-to class covering scratches, abrasions, minor lacerations, shock (cyanosis, diphoresis), contusions/bruising, aging of bruises, and first-degree burns. The session wraps up with an introduction to the use of advanced moulage gels.

Friday, May 1, 1:30pm - 3:30pm, cost: $55.00 — makeup for use in class will be provided. Maximum enrollment: 24 students.

Advanced Moulage
A more advanced class that includes the first 2-hour class. Includes working with gelatin “gelefects” and skin-tone makeup. You’ll create a basic simulation piece with deep lacerations or soft tissue wounds. Discussion of impaled objects, tearing, vomit, bleeding injuries using blood pumps, mouth and dental trauma, smoke inhalation, and more.

Friday, May 1, 1:30pm - 5:30pm, cost: $143.00 — includes a small starter kit.

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