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April 7, 2015

GHS - Are You Ready for the Updates?

With a new GHS deadline coming up in a couple of months, this topic is being talked about a lot – especially since it covers over 43 million workers who produce or handle hazardous chemicals in more than five million workplaces across the country. And we are no exception.  

But before we get into what this most recent deadline entails, as well as how to get up-to-date, here are a few cool benefits to what this new standard will accomplish, straight from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) :

  • Expected to prevent over 500 workplace injuries and illnesses and 43 fatalities annually; 
  • Improve the quality and consistency of hazard information in the workplace, making it safer for workers to do their jobs and easier for employers to stay competitive;
  • Enhance worker comprehension of hazards, especially for low and limited-literacy workers, reduce confusion in the workplace, facilitate safety training, and result in safer handling and use of chemicals;
  • Provide workers quicker and more efficient access to information on the safety data sheets;
  • Result in cost savings to American businesses of more than $475 million in productivity improvements, fewer safety data sheet and label updates and simpler new hazard communication training; and
  • Reduce trade barriers by harmonizing with systems around the world.

The next GHS deadline is June 1, 2015 and requires companies that manufacture hazardous chemicals to provide GHS-compliant SDSs and labels to downstream users.  Manufacturers may not ship products lacking GHS labeling from this point forward, and distributors have already been under the same obligation since December 1, giving them an extra six months to allow for the depletion of existing inventory.  Additionally, employers must comply with HazCom 2012 compliance standards for workplace labeling, hazard communications programs, and additional employee training for newly identified physical or health hazards by June 2016.

HSI Makes Compliance Easy with GHS-Compliant Online, Streaming Video, and DVD Training Programs

Ensure your EH&S training programs are in compliance with the new GHS standard.  We’ve sorted through our entire inventory of programs and made changes to select titles to keep you GHS-compliant.  Here is a list of available titles:

Available now:

  • Accident Investigation: Examining the Details
  • Fire Prevention
  • Hazard Recognition: Out of the Ordinary
  • Hazardous Waste: Containing the Danger
  • Hexavalent Chromium
  • Pipeline Safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Create The Barrier
  • Construction Safety Orientation
  • RCRA: Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • Process Safety Management: Solving The Puzzle
  • Preventing Spills: Small Spill Prevention

Available May 1:

  • Combustible Dust Incident Prevention
  • Decontamination: The Decontamination Zone
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Hand Safety: Handle With Care
  • Hazardous Materials for Field Service: Materials of Trade
  • Lab Safety

Note for DVD users: All DVDs include both English and Spanish languages.  Select Summit DVDs come complete with a digital support materials kit that includes a downloadable facilitator guide with quiz and answers, employee handbook, and certificate of completion.  

Note for online users: Current users in our online system, Otis, already have access to these courses – no need for ordering.  Simply browse the library and start training today. Log-in now >> 

Stay compliant, stay safe!




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