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October 30, 2014

I Stream, You Stream: Summit Training Source offers Streaming Video Capabilities

StreamingVideoEverywhereStreaming video has truly become the way we watch content now. Whether it’s Netflix at home on the big TV or YouTube snippets on your phone, streaming video is everywhere and goes everywhere you go.

And it’s a great way to get training to your workers.

Summit Connect brings the extensive Summit library to you through your Otis learning management system, and its streaming capabilities have some big advantages over the old “build a library of DVDs” days.

Convenience – If you need last-minute training or need to respond quickly to an emerging training need because of an incident, it’s easy to login to Summit Connect and buy a streaming credit; you could be training in minutes.

A full library – Instead of making a list of DVDs to rent or buy based on your initial training schedule or plan (which always changes, am I right, people?), you can make changes to your training line up quickly and easily with access to streaming videos.

Fast and easy – With a speedy internet connection, downloading is a snap.

Keep your classroom training efficient, informative, and effective with a streaming solution from Summit Connect.

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