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August 26, 2014

Good Samaritans to the Rescue

Applause492022159Let’s dip into our ever-growing file of Good Samaritan stories for some quick inspiration. 

Thanks to Linda Calderiso, a MEDIC First Aid instructor in Bellingham, MA, who let us know about Tim Judd’s quick thinking at Lindsey’s Restaurant in East Wareham, MA.

In June of 2013, Tim was being seated at his table when he saw another customer beginning to choke. After asking three times if she was all right, she remained unable to respond, so Tim instructed her to stand up so he could perform abdominal thrusts. He had success on the third try, and all seemed to be well as the woman thanked him and returned to finish her meal.

As Tim and his party were finishing up their own food, he was surprised to learn that this classy, grateful lady had already paid for his whole table.

Tim shared his gratitude for those emergency care skills and Linda’s good training in an email to her: 

“With the training I have received over the years from Linda, I was able to respond quickly and confidently to help.” 

Mark Goode of the Bloomingdale Park District in Addison, IL, wrote to us to give a well-deserved thank you to MEDIC First Aid instructor Kelly Sisco, Recreation Supervisor at the Addison Park District, and her student Patti Simone who became a hero this past June.

Patti used her PediatricPlus training while visiting the Itasca Country Club when, upon leaving the pool with her family, she heard a call for help. With the assistance of another bystander, Patti rescued an unresponsive man from the pool and began the CPR process. She learned later that her patient survived his ordeal thanks to her immediate reaction and willingness to use her skills.

Thanks to both our responders in today’s post! Thanks to your compassion and confidence in your skills, you made a lifesaving difference. 

If you know of a Good Samaritan you would like to thank, let us know and we’ll send a certificate, and our gratitude, their way.

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