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July 1, 2014

Safety Doesn’t Just Apply at Work, Off-the-Job Safety is Just as Important

Having the ability to do more outdoor activities is one of the many perks of summer.  Just take a look outside on a beautiful sunny day; people are doing all kinds of things under the sun in the nice, warm weather.  For us safety-savvy citizens, this brings up the question of whetherdescribe the image or not safety is being incorporated into these activities.

According to the National Safety Council, workers in the United States are actually safer on the job than in their homes or communities; home and community deaths are up 74%. According to the 2011 edition of the National Safety Council Injury Facts, nine out of ten deaths and nearly three-fourths of medically consulted injuries occurred off the job.  Statistics like this are scary – and highly preventable.  All it takes is some off-the-job safety.

Here are some tips for common summer activities:

Water Sport Safety:

  • Know how to swim – This one may seem obvious, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about ten people die every day from drowning.
  • Wear a life jacket – Even if you’re a good swimmer, wearing a personal flotation device could mean the difference between life and death in rough waters.
  • Be alert and use caution - Even on the most beautiful of days, conditions can change very quickly.  Pay attention the weather forecast and water conditions.
  • Know the rules of watercrafts – If you're paddling on a board or small vessel, the rules of watercraft still applies to you.
  • Never go alone – Set up check-ins and the time or date you expect to return. If you miss a check-in, someone will follow up with your contacts and know how to proceed. 
  • Avoid alcohol – Alcohol causes dehydration and may impair your sense of judgment.  It’s best to avoid consumption while out in the water.

Prevent Overexertion During Physical Activities:

  • Loosen up muscles – Stretching and warming up your body for physical activity helps protect your muscles, joints and ligaments from overuse.
  • Stay hydrated – In the hot sun, it is easy to become dehydrated, rehydrate with water or an electrolyte solution to prevent excess fluid loss.
  • Pay attention to your strains and pains – If you notice danger signs, including dizziness, rapid pulse or irregular heartbeat, profuse sweating or chest pains, seek immediate medical assistance.
  • Take breaks – According to experts at the National Safety Council, taking frequent breaks is key to preventing overexertion.
  • Dress appropriately for the activity – Especially if you will be in the sun, choose lightweight, light-colored clothing to help cool your body, and always apply sunscreen.

Fireworks & the Sun:

Ensure your employees safety on and off the job with Summit Training Source!

We have our very own “Off-the-Job Safety: Fun in the Sun” training program, available in DVD and Streaming Video, to ensure your summer activities are full of fun – and safety.  This course covers:

  • Water sport safety
  • Fireworks and associated hazards
  • Preventing overexertion
  • The sun and its effects
  • Warm-up and cool-down sessions for physical activities

Have fun this summer and remember to stay safe!






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