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June 12, 2014

Training Centers, Complete Your Profiles and Get Found

UpdateProfileAmong all the interesting data we gathered from our last training center surveys, there’s one statistic I would like to highlight today.

Only around 20% of our ASHI and MEDIC First Aid training centers are including their website URLs as part of their profile information in our “Find a training center” directory.

Your listing in the directory is a perk of being a training center with us and we want you to get the most from it. Without a URL (your website link), your potential customers can’t do their research to feel like they can trust you. Searching for a training center is like shopping for anything else these days: the more info they can find about you, the more they feel like they know you, and that can mean more class seat sales for your TC.

You can add your main website URL to your business profile description, giving future students in your area a chance to interact with you as their local training center and discover just how fabulous you are.

While you’re adding that useful info to your profile, please take a moment to be sure all your information is correct, including that all-important phone number and email address.

You can access your profile through Otis by selecting Administration (from the navigation bar) and then Training Center Profile.

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