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April 24, 2014

It’s All About Them—Customer-Focused Marketing and Your Training Center

CustomersDirect Marketing News ( posted an article recently with an insightful reminder for our entrepreneurial ASHI and MEDIC First Aid training centers:

It’s all about your customers.

Gone are the days when a company’s marketing efforts consisted of simply listing (in an ad or a mailer) what you offer and what it all costs and seeing if your potential customers choose you over a competitor. Instead, customers are researching, reviewing, and sharing that information, all through a variety of media, with different elements coming into play at different points in the customer “lifecycle.”

In “The Age of the Customer Intensified” by Natasha D. Smith, Senior Editor at DM News, she makes the case for customer-driven content marketing, all driven by social media venues that allow for a “customer experience” with your brand and, very often, with other customers.

In an article that appeared in Chicago’s Daily Herald, Jim Kendall of Kendall Communications shares some social media success stories from a few Northern Illinois home and building industry companies who have created positive engagement with their current, and potential, customers.

Articles like these, and many others you can find online, are a great read if you’ve been wondering if it’s worth having a social media strategy for your training center. In a word, “yes.” When you become a social media presence, you give your customers a way to find you, link to you, and, best of all, maybe even recommend you to others who are looking for the training and services you provide.

Last summer, we put together some links and tips on getting started with social media:

Get Social: Blogs, Social Media, and Marketing Your Training Center

There you’ll find info on blogging, commenting, and an awesome reminder that, with Otis, you almost already have a website. Check out those website capabilities by logging in to the Otis at the button below. Our Otis experts are available at 877.440.6049 if you need a little extra help in taking that first big step to establishing your online presence.

If you’re really new to the training center biz, our three-part series on getting started with your TC might have some of the answers you’re looking for:

Starting Your Own Training Center – Get Ready

Starting Your Own Training Center – Get Set

Starting Your Own Training Center – Go

When you give your customers resources, answers, and avenues to have positive experiences with your brand, you’re showing them you’re listening and that you understand it’s all about them.

And that’s exactly what today’s consumer is looking for.

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