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April 11, 2014

MEDIC First Aid Good Samaritan Students!

Van 145196385Get ready to be inspired by some quick-thinking MEDIC First Aid students.

Instructor Eric Child, Safety Engineer with MYR Group Inc. of Henderson, CO, told us about the timely BasicPlus training of Dave Severence. Dave received his certification on Feb 6, 2014. On the morning of March 17, Eric says:

“Dave’s crew had just finished their morning job briefing and was organizing material in the back of the material van when one of the employees heard a noise and turned around to see that the operator had fallen to the ground.

One crew member jumped out of the van to see how the employee was doing and determined he was unresponsive. Dave immediately called 911 and explained what had happened and gave the EMS their exact location. One other crew member began CPR while another went to the nearest intersection to wait for the EMS.

Dave quickly joined the crew member in CPR and continued for close to 15 minutes until the EMS arrived. Once on scene, EMS hooked the operator up to an AED and delivered a shock which revived the employee.

Later at the emergency room I was standing in the hallway when one of the doctors came out and told me that without the quick reactions and immediate CPR this gentleman would not be alive.”

Home improvement giant Lowe’s has been part of the MEDIC First Aid family for many years, and instructor Richard Arrington shared with us an awesome email from one of the store managers. Vince Bennett of the Marion, OH Lowe’s has more than a Good Sam story to tell. He also has some excellent advice for anyone behind the wheel:

“I wanted to take a moment to share a quick story with you.  I was heading into work today doing about 65 mph when the car 50 yards in front of me shot off the road. The car hit a huge ditch, flipped end over end into the air, and then hit another ditch which caused the vehicle to roll 3 or 4 times. 

As this was happening, the driver was ejected from the vehicle. Piece of her car were being tossed everywhere. 

I immediately pulled over and was the first responder.  As I was going towards the vehicle, I called 911 and they instantly sent crews.  I then noticed that the driver was gushing blood from her head and saying that her neck hurt.  We were then able to apply a dressing to her wound while stabilizing her neck, in addition to being able to direct traffic.  

After a few short minutes the EMT, fire department, and police department all arrived and took over. 

I can honestly say that the training works, and greatly helped in this situation.  On a side note; don’t text and drive.  It can wait!”

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month.  For more on the perils of distracted driving, check out our recent blog post on the topic.

From all of us at HSI, thank you to these confident responders and their instructors. Jobs well done!


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