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February 25, 2014

Dramatic CPR Rescue of Baby Prompts Instructor Appreciation

By now, you’ve probably heard about the dramatic rescue of a 5-month-old baby boy on the Dolphin Expressway in Miami, FL. Sebastian de la Cruz was unconscious and turning blue as his aunt Pamela Rauseo sought help, getting out of her car on the side of the busy highway, and calling for someone to stop. 

The astonishing photos and video of the incident have gone viral on the Internet. You can see them here:

We’re always inspired here at HSI when we hear stories like this, and we’ve learned that it inspired one of our ASHI students as well.

A woman who had taken a class from ASHI instructor Dr. Harold Borrero, Director of Campus AED Programs at Touro University California, was so moved by the story that she shared her own story with him.

Thanks to Dr. Borrero’s inclusion of an addendum on stoke that he presented in this student’s ASHI training class, she was able to come to the aid of her mother when it mattered most.

The story about the rescued child prompted this grateful student to tell her instructor that, thanks to people like him, the assisting bystanders knew how to help that little boy. Just like he helped her to save her mother. 

To all the instructors who teach, and all the students who take that knowledge and apply it, we send you our gratitude as well.

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