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November 18, 2014

Winterize your Workplace with HSI’s Winter Preparation Package


Wintertime means freezing temperatures and icy roads, pavement, and sidewalks that can change any workplace environment from safe to dangerous in just a few hours. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 38% of all driving accidents from October to March are weather-related, so taking some extra precautions during these months is a smart investment.  Winter storms not only create driving hazards, but when located in areas that are not prepared, severe storms can create power outages, city shutdowns, and delayed response for emergency medical services.  Cold and flu season can also take its toll on workplaces, causing missed days from work and lower productivity.   

Ensure your workers are ready for old man winter with these important training programs from HSI:

  • Winter Driving: Weather the Road – With icy roads, cold temperatures, and snow affecting driving conditions, ensure your drivers know safe driving techniques during inclement weather.  
  • Hypothermia: Cold Weather Prevention - Ideal for all employees who work in cold and wet environments, this program creates an awareness and respect for the hazards associated with overexposure. 
  • Cold Stress – Winter weather increases the chances of cold hazards, such as hypothermia and frostbite, while on the job.
  • Pandemics: Understanding the Unknown – Understand the safe procedures and necessary precautions that must be taken with winter-related flu and cold season.
  • Disaster Readiness – Prepare for anything winter throws at you with efficient emergency response, including proper planning and preparation.

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Take some time before the cold weather really sets in and be sure your workplace and your workers are ready for the season. 




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