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Otis Runs The Business So You Can Build The Business.

There’s nothing like Otis (the Online Training & Information System) in training and learning software. Our Web-based platform integrates and organizes the data your business runs on, automates back office processing, and scales and customizes to meet the needs of a growing business with multiple locations.

Otis makes it easy, so you can spend more time doing the important stuff like training to protect and save lives, and building your successful training business.

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Get Organized.

The Otis dashboard is a powerful resource that automatically tracks important training info for you and your customers. Your students can see what courses they need to complete, due dates, and their in-course progress. Track completion, certification renewals, and other requirements, all while Otis handles the notification and reminder emails as well as automatically generating reports.

Otis also lets you keep all of your documentation in one secure place, accessible from wherever you are. Send documents directly from the system, set expirations on certifications, and alerts when a document needs to be refreshed.

Marketing Resources In Otis? Yeah, We’ve Got That.

Otis delivers ready-to-use promotional materials for our programs to help you spread the word about your course offerings. You can customize these PDF flyers with your logo and contact info. As new programs and HSI marketing materials become available, they go right into your Otis portal for easy access.

You also have access to the HSI online training business directory. By uploading your contact info through Otis, you can appear in our “Find a Training Center” interface so students and potential customers in your area can find you.

Marketing Resources

Start Online, Finish In The Classroom.

Blended learning is that perfect combination of online content and in-person skills sessions. It’s also a popular training option you can offer your customers that saves you time and lets you book more students in one day by offering skills-only sessions. Otis makes purchasing blended learning credits and tracking student progress easy so you know your students are ready to succeed in their skills session.


Your One-Stop Shop.

Your Otis portal is also your entry to our online store — your single source for all of your training needs. We carry a large selection of CPR manikins, gloves, AED trainers, and more that you can order right along with your certifications – your single source for all of your training needs. Available 24 hours a day for your convenience, this secure site makes it easy to be prepared for your next training session.

"We have been using Otis since The Beating Heart Center became a company. It has helped us streamline our classes and we can give so much to our customers."
Jeff Guernsey, The Beating Heart Center
Otis Website Builder

Build Your Online Presence.

The Otis website builder gives you tools and options to add to your existing website using simple APIs or you can build a website using Otis itself with just four easy steps. This website will allow you tell customers about your business, take payments for blended and classroom courses, and get email requests for contract classes.

Your Otis website gives you a home, contact, “about us”, and training programs page. You can even add a special login for your customers or students. You feed in the content for all your pages, set up your URL, and go live. It’s that easy.

Keep Communications Quick, Painless, and Paperless.

Communicating with your instructors, students, and customers is easy with Otis. You’re in control of your user portals, allowing each user access to only the info they need. Automated past due and future task notifications, course completion score, number of attempts, time taken to complete the course, and all training and assignment history — whatever you need them know, Otis gets them the data anytime, anywhere they are. Plus, Otis is your portal to digital certification materials and options for paperless training. PDFs of course guides, electronic files of certification cards emailed upon successful course completion, and blended learning credit purchases let you add a digital element to your training to save you time and money.

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Say Goodbye To Those Lost Card Phone Calls.

You have better things to do than generating replacement cards and mailing them to your students. By choosing digital certification cards, you provide your customers with electronic evidence of their successful course completion, which they can print (and reprint) as necessary. Going digital is easy with Otis, but don’t worry: you can still offer print cards or a combination of print and digital materials, all through Otis.

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