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For businesses large or small, HSI brings you a suite of tools to help you get things done.

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful training program. That’s why we created Otis, the Online Training & Information System. Otis is the virtual training manager that powers your training content and administers all the components of your program. From student and instructor scheduling to training history to reporting capabilities and more,— Otis makes it easy, so you can spend more time doing the important stuff like training to protect and save lives.

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Set It, Forget It.

The only thing better than working with a powerful learning management system is having one that does the work for you. We built an array of automated processes into our system so you can set up the workflows you need and then let Otis do the rest. Automatically generated student notifications and reminder emails, reports, training equipment maintenance reminders — Otis keeps your training administration on track and makes your company think you’re a multi-tasking genius.

Click, Click, Report.

Yes, it’s that easy. Whether you want reporting for OSHA compliance or just to keep track of your instructors, students, and equipment, Otis generates the reports you need. With just a click, your reporting data goes directly into your own databases or into an Excel spreadsheet for easy viewing and accountability.

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Classroom Training For The 21st Century.

Otis even makes traditional classroom-style training easy. Register your students, order their supplies and materials, assign courses and instructors, ensure all the equipment is where it needs to be — all through Otis, whether you are using a desktop in your office or a mobile device right at the learning site.

Plus, Otis is your portal to digital certification materials and blended learning options. PDFs of course guides, electronic files of certification cards emailed upon successful course completion, and blended learning credit purchases let you add a digital element to your training to save you time and money.


Keep track of training and safety equipment across multiple sites.

Multiple locations can mean multiple problems like inconsistencies, cross-referencing, and different databases. With Otis, you can track your AEDs (training units and actual devices), first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and more with Otis equipment tracker.

  • Attach training to specific equipment
  • Mobile-ready platform with simple yes/no questions for inspections on-the-go
  • Get notifications for when equipment needs inspection, service, and/or replacement


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Use Ours Or Build Your Own.

Otis’s course authorship tool lets you convert old classroom-based content to online courses, or create your own courses from scratch, quickly and easily. This resource includes a dynamic PowerPoint upload feature and the ability to handle large file sizes, including images, video, Flash animation, audio, and text without difficulty.

Keep Everyone In The Loop.

Communicating with your instructors, students, employees, and employers is easy with Otis. You’re in control of your user portals, allowing each user access to only the info they need. Past due and future task notifications, course completion score, number of attempts, time taken to complete the course, and all training and assignment history — whatever you need them to know, Otis gets them the data anytime, anywhere they are.

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