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There’s Got To Be A Better Way

Professional and volunteer first responders are the everyday heroes in our communities. We know you understand what it takes to be prepared to respond. Keeping your skills up to date and meeting your continuing education requirements is an important part of what you do as a firefighter or EMS team member.

But does that ongoing training have to be tedious, expensive, and time-consuming?

No, it doesn’t.

online ems training

Keep Them At Their Posts, Not In A Classroom

Better Delivery Options

You need to get your required training done quickly and efficiently. With a 24-7 EMS online membership, you choose how you want training delivered to best suit your schedule. Basic Streaming Membership or Essential Membership – we’ve got you covered.

Better Program Choices

The course libraries of 24-7 EMS and 24-7 Fire are filled with EMS continuing education courses to help meet NREMT and state EMT renewal or recertification requirements, as well as firefighter development and workplace safety courses. All online for anytime learning.

Better Engagement

They can’t use what they can’t remember. 24-7 courses feature realistic emergency scenarios and nationally noted subject matter experts to provide premium video-based content to keep your team interested and engaged.

Courses For The Experts By The Experts

24-7 EMS training courses adhere to the most up-to-date medical guidelines published by nationally recognized authorities.  We systematically review and update all course material when new guidelines are published.

Curriculum review and oversight is provided by the 24-7 Medical Advisory Board, a highly experienced group of physicians, educators, and EMS providers.

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We have over 200 courses in our library for all levels of Firefighters & EMT's!

Get Them The Training They Need, The Way They Need It

More Flexibility

Online e-learning, streaming video, or DVDs; you choose the course delivery method that works for your team’s schedule.

More Automation

Schedule, deliver, and administer programs easily with Otis, our Online Training and Information System. Otis handles all your training administration, not just your 24-7 courses.

More Support

From quick questions to in-depth, one-on-one training about our Otis learning management system, our customer service reps and tech support staff are ready to help you manage your training.

More Saving Lives, Less Administration & Paperwork

If you went into this line of work to make a difference, you’ll like the difference that Otis, our Online Training & Information System, makes for all your training requirements and administrative paperwork. Your Otis LMS comes fully loaded with user-friendly tools to manage student progress, online and classroom scheduling, and automated CAPCE (formerly CECBEMS) reporting. Meet Otis, your virtual training manager.

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"We can train several firefighters for the same amount we would normally pay for one"
Everett Hatfield – Power Township Fire Supervisor

Members Only

Greater Availability

With your 24-7 online membership, your courses are ready for deployment 24-7; wherever your teams are, whenever you need it. Plus, when a course is updated you automatically get the most current version without the hassle and cost of replacement.

Greater Integration

With our Otis learning management system, you can manage all your training, not just 24-7 courses, and our course authorship tool even lets you create your own.

Greater Control

The Otis LMS makes student progress tracking, CAPCE reporting (formerly CECBEMS), and course assigning easy. Robust reporting capabilities give you a complete overview of your program, putting you in charge.

More Options To Accommodate Your Around-the-Clock Team

Varying schedules and multiple shifts are the reality of the first responder’s world. You need flexible course delivery options to get your teams the information they need whenever they are available. Our courses can be delivered through e-learning, streaming, or DVDs for use in the classroom or on the desktop.

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“As an EMS Educator and Paramedic, I have personally benefited from online learning in many ways. The information delivered is consistent for all students, the student can learn at their own pace and review the content at any time, and students do not need to travel to a training center, which reduces the wear and tear on vehicles and saves on gas.”

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