eNewsletter - September, 2012 Edition

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Otis Is Coming!

OtisYour Training Center Manager portal is about to get an extreme makeover; soon you’ll be saying hello to Otis, the Online Training & Information System. Our programmers have been working on a number of initiatives to enhance our online administrative resources, so you’ll have the very best tools to help you easily manage your Training Center.

In addition to the system’s new name and a streamlined new look, the biggest change will be a new level of services. This fee-based option is available for a nominal cost per month, depending on your number of Instructors, and will take Otis from just an electronic resource to a valued member of your administrative team. You’ll be able to build your own website and empower your customers with their own logins so they can track their own training.

“We’re really excited by all the new Otis features,” explain Chief Operations Officer Frank Powers. “Some of our Training Centers want a system that does just a few essential tasks while others have asked us for increased functionality and the flexibility to really engage the system beyond simply managing the ASHI and MEDIC First Aid programs. Now you’ll be able to choose for yourself what works best for your Training Center.”

To help you learn all these new options, we’ve created a series of tutorial videos you can access within Otis. You’ll find the links to the videos by logging in to your TCM once Otis is released.

Get ready to take your TCM/portal to the next level—Otis arrives later this week!

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Getting Digi with the Technology


At HSI, we love technology. Whatever makes it easier for you to offer classes, keep track of your students and Instructors, and manage your paperwork, we’re all for it. A primary focus for us in 2012 has been improving our existing technology and introducing more resources, tools, and automation so you can spend your time on what really counts—sharing life-saving skills with your students.

That’s why we’re so pumped about our HSI virtual conference, November 7, 2012, 8 am – 3 pm Pacific Time. This FREE event features presentations on our technology solutions as well as some Instructor development opportunities, plus plenty of time for you to network with your colleagues, all from the comfort of your own desk. That’s right, keep your slippers on all day, we won’t tell.

To give you just a taste of our enthusiasm for the event, check out this video from Chief Operations Officer Frank Powers. He’ll talk a little about some of the topics you’ll be hearing about at the conference. Watch carefully—you never know what you might see in one of our videos.


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Updated Instructor Development Course Now Available

IDC cover

Need to train up some new Instructors? Use our new, updated Instructor Trainer Guide when conducting your next MEDIC First Aid Instructor Development course.

  • Course materials now include a PowerPoint® presentation on CD to use in your Instructor training classes
  • Updated to align with the new G2010 MEDIC First Aid training programs
  • Revised administrative process to align with 2012 Training Center Administrative Manual (TCAM) requirements
  • Item #4378, $35

Visit our online store or call 800 447 3177 and order your new Instructor Trainer Guide today. 

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TCAM Tidbits—Training the Trainers

TCAMMany of our MEDIC First Aid Training Centers will, at some point, need to “train the trainer” so they can create new Instructors. Our Instructor Development Course/Instructor Trainer Development Course (IDC/ITDC) does just that. To celebrate the release of our Version 7 Instructor Trainer Guide, let’s take a quick review of what the TCAM has to say about this important process.

Be sure to get your application in on time:
“Applications [for new Instructors or Instructor Trainers] will be submitted within 6 months of successfully completing an IDC/ITDC. This time frame may be extended up to 1 year under extenuating circumstances. After one year, IDC/ITDC applications will not be accepted for authorization.”  (TCAM, pg 10)

Program Standards:
Program Standards for the IDC/ITDC are available on page 30 of your TCAM. Remember, in order to teach the IDC, you must be a current and properly authorized MEDIC First Aid Instructor Trainer in good standing.

As mentioned earlier, the new Instructor Trainer Guide is now available (item #4378, $35). Order yours today.

You can download your copy of the TCAM here.


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CSRs Tell It Like It Is

You know that smile you hear in our CSRs voices as they assist you over the phone? We want to show you how genuine it is. Please take a moment and have a look at our latest video and hear right from the source how much our staff is committed to you, our valued customer.

Put a face to some familiar voices and check it out!


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Possible Service Outage


HSI techs will be upgrading our servers next month. This may interrupt services for one weekend. We'll let you know when and if that will occur.

Thanks for your understanding!

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