June 28, 2013

Nine-Year-Old Saves Brother from Choking in the U.K.

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Today’s Good Samaritan story features a confident young man from South Wales who used his St. John Ambulance training to save his little brother, just a few hours after passing a first aid course.

You can read the Daily Mail story about James and Harri Reed here:

James sums up perfectly what we hear so many of our own students say when they too step up to respond:

“I had been shown what to do that day but I never thought I'd have to use it so quickly.

'I could see Harri was choking so I just did what I'd been shown and it worked really well.”

We agree completely with Keith Dunn, chief executive of St John Ambulance in Wales, when he points out you’re never too young to learn these easy skills.

Well done, James!

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Good Samaritan Stories

Do you know a Good Samaritan? When you respond to a medical emergency and provide life-sustaining care, we are all inspired to greater acts of human kindness. It is with deep pride we recognize individuals who have made the difference in the life of another. Check out more stories. 


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