May 22, 2013

CPR Training in High Schools: Is it Required?

iStock 000017098626XSmallA huge round of applause for Gov. Jay Inslee and the Washington legislature for their approval of Substitute House Bill (SHB) 1556 requiring all high school students to receive CPR training as part of their health classes.

Read the article in the Kirkland Reporter here.

What a great way to ensure that more people know the easy-to-learn technique of using CPR to aid a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

Young people are more than up to the task, too. According to a 2009 study in Critical Care:

“Students as young as 9 years are able to successfully and effectively learn basic life support skills including AED deployment, correct recovery position, and emergency calling.”

This study assessed 147 students between 9 and 18 years old in 11 randomly selected schools throughout Austria who were trained “to the level of a BLS instructor using a standardized curriculum.” 

    • Of those 147 students, 86% performed CPR correctly.
    • Sixty nine percent of the students tilted the mannequin head sufficiently for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
    • Scores on other life supporting techniques were at least 80% or higher.

What does your state require?

We checked in with our regulatory gurus for some current info on whether other states in the U.S. are exploring CPR skills as a high school graduation requirement. At present: 

    • 36 states require CPR for graduation
    • Of the 14 which do not, 10 are working to make it a requirement with legislation currently pending

Not all of those 36 states mandate that a certification card be issued at the completion of a class. For those states, their requirement is met when CPR is taught and proficiency is demonstrated by the student. For a few states, training in compression-only CPR is sufficient to meet their regulation.

To get the skinny on requirements in your particular state, you can look it up in the regulatory section in Otis.

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For our blog readers not fortunate enough to have received CPR training back in their high school days, it’s never too late! Use our training center directory to find a class near you. 

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