May 12, 2013

3 Tips to Amp Up Your CPR and First Aid Training Center

iStock 000020535651XSmallLet’s face it—sometimes we all need a little revving up. But don’t reach for that toxic energy drink! Instead, try our three tips to add some juice to your training center business.

– The Otis Website Builder Tool

At the top of our list of gotta-have’s is a strong Web presence. Those students need to be able to find you, and they are looking with Google and other online search tools. A UC Berkeley poll of approximately 54,000 people shows 80% of their respondents using the Web for product searches and 55% to find phone numbers and contact info. That’s a lot of folks who won’t find you if they need emergency care training and you don’t have a website.

Otis makes it easy to put together a simple, functional website. Call our Tech Support crew at 877.440.6049 if you need assistance.

TIP#2 – The regulatory tool and our Strategic Compliance team

The Otis regulatory tool helps you find new markets and audiences for your classes by tracking legislation and regulations in your area. What businesses and industries are now required to have the training offered by your TC? Check the tool often; laws can be a moving target and things change all the time.

Questions about what you see in the tool? Give us regulatory champions a call at 800.447.3177 to learn more about Approval, Acceptance and Accreditation. 

TIP#3 – Find Your Niche

Where have you seen the most success? Whatever audience or industry that was, can you build on that? For example, if you have been successful teaching in daycare centers, have you tried expanding to schools, districts, or community centers? Maybe add the PediatricPlus program to your line up or do a special pediatrics class for new or foster parents.

Sometimes just a little idea is the spark for greater things. What ideas would you suggest to your peers looking to expand their range or otherwise amp up their TC?