April 19, 2013

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Otis, Online Training & Information System

No, we don’t mean deep, dark secrets from Otis’s past. We’re talking about the suite of Otis, Online Training & Information System, tools you can use to streamline your administration and expand the digital horizon of your Training Center.

And, if you already knew about these tools, well, we hope you are using them on a regular basis! (Remember, some of these tools are what earn you Bot Bucks, and who doesn’t like free money?)

6ThingsAboutOtis 1
You and your customers can track employee training with customized, limited-access landing pages.

Otis creates customized landing pages with limited-access accounts and logins for your customers. When they log in to check on student progress or access their digital cards, they’ll experience a personalized portal that reinforces your brand and their value to you as a customer.

6ThingsAboutOtis 2
You can share Instructors with other Training Centers.

When you offer classes taught by shared Instructors, Otis brings you the same easy scheduling and tracking you enjoy for your own Instructors. You can also capture their names on your digital cards, to take advantage of all our certification options.

6ThingsAboutOtis 3
Add Guest Instructors to your reporting and tracking.

Add OSHA and other program Instructors, integrate them with your scheduling and certifications, and make sure they have access to the information they need.

6ThingsAboutOtis 4
Set expiration dates and group codes for your non-ASHI and MEDIC First Aid classes.

Add a touch point for your students taking classes from other training providers. Track classes you’ve created, assign expiration dates and group codes, and automate renewal notices.

6ThingsAboutOtis 5
We make learning to save lives easy. Otis makes paying for it easy.

Otis integrates with PayPal, tracking notifications, payments, and receipts automatically, giving your customers an easy payment option and helping you improve cash flow.

6ThingsAboutOtis 6
Faster processing, improved cost savings with digital certification cards.

When you choose digital certification cards for your students, you reduce your paper consumption and avoid shipping costs for mailed cards. They’re ideal for those last-minute classes when you need to issue cards right away, and they’re available through your Otis portal.

It’s all waiting for you in your Otis portal. Login and let’s get started.

Also, don't forget, we offer 30 minute webinars that cover all the tools that Otis offers. Register now and meet our tech support experts.

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