March 22, 2013

Taking the Mystery Out of Blended Learning—New HSI eBook now available!

For ASHI and MEDIC First Aid instructors, training centers, and students, blended learning is that perfect combination of online content and in-person skills sessions.

Because blended learning courses are NOT the same as online-only ones (In keeping with OSHA's letter of interpretation, HSI does not endorse online-only basic first aid CPR training), they can seem at first glance to be a little daunting since they have two components (online and in-person). Even just figuring out the logistics of setting up the class and coordinating the students can seem like “too much trouble.”

So we’ve made a downloadable reference guide for you.

This booklet covers what blended learning is, what it isn’t, and how to make it happen using your Otis™ system. It’s a quick read, so if you haven’t yet tried blended or didn’t know where to start, just click the button below.

Five Easy Steps to Blended Learning - an eBook Download

Blended learning and training with technology aren’t just fads. They’re here to stay and gaining acceptance in all education sectors, including the safety and emergency care training industry. (Read our recent blog  ‘Blended Learning or Classroom Training – Are Both Equally Effective? ‘ that discusses a study from Ithaka about interactive learning.)  We hope our new eBook helps you get started navigating this exciting new education format.

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