November 8, 2013

Offer HOPE, the Free Compression-only CPR Course

Project HOPEIf you missed our Evolution Through Innovation HSI 2013 International Conference last week, let me catch you up on one of the initiatives announced there.

In partnership with Fairfield Medical Center and the Gordon B. Snider Cardiovascular Institute, HSI is proud to present the new Hands On Practical Experience (HOPE) course. It’s a 45-minute course in chest compression-only CPR. 

HOPE was originally created by Becky DeVoss, RN, M.S.H.A. She is the clinical education coordinator at Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster, Ohio, and also the TC Director of Fairfield’s ASHI Training Center. Becky began teaching HOPE in the Ohio school system. She and her group of instructors and facilitators have trained thousands of people in chest compression-only CPR since HOPE began in 2012.

The goal is a simple one: to save as many lives as possible. HOPE is designed for anyone who desires potentially life-saving hands-on practical experience in chest compression-only CPR; children attending school, family members and friends, members of the local, education, business, or religious communities.

Best of all, HOPE classes are free of charge. HOPE training materials are provided to emergency care instructors as a public service and are not intended for sale or resale.

ASHI and MEDIC First Aid instructors interested in offering a free HOPE class at their training center can download the HOPE Participant Course Outline, the HOPE Participant Course Presentation, the HOPE Compression-only CPR Skill Sheet (one per participant, print or digital), and the Rate Your Program Class Evaluation through their Otis portal. Log into Otis, then go to Dashboard>Administration>Documents>Instructor Guides and you’ll find them as a “digital resource kit.”

Login to Otis

For more information, check out our HOPE marketing flyer and FAQs here.

If you decide to offer HOPE, we would love to hear about it. Give Client Services a call at 800.447.3177 or send an email to


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