November 5, 2013

Go Ahead—Share the HSI Blog!

Steal our BlogI would like to personally thank everyone at our HSI International Conference last week for the positive feedback and support for our HSI blog. We’re glad you are reading and enjoying it!

I was asked by several customers at the conference how they can use the HSI blog content on their own websites. It’s easy! You can add a link right to any of our posts that interest you or copy the content itself onto your website.

However you choose to re-post, we simply ask that you cite the HSI blog as your source and add a link back to the original post.

To learn more about blog-sharing etiquette and a look at the right and wrong ways to share content, check out this article from inbound marketing experts Hubspot.

Not sure how to add links to your site? Give our Tech Team a call at 877.440.6049 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

We strive to fill our blog with industry news-you-can-use, helpful tips (including emergency care knowledge and skills), and inspiring stories that will encourage more people to take a CPR or first aid class. If you have ideas for future blog posts you would like to see, drop a note in our comment fields below.

We also invite our training center directors and instructors to submit guest blog posts. Tips, tricks, success stories—we want to hear from you. 

Thanks again for reading!


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