October 11, 2013

All Digital. All the Time: Instructor Authorization Cards at ASHI and MEDIC First Aid

You know the feeling: you pull your pants out of the dryer, you reach into the pocket, and you find a disintegrated fluff of paper. You think, “I hope this wasn’t something important.”

And you realize it was your ASHI or MEDIC First Aid instructor authorization card.

Many of you are already rocking the all-digital style at your training center, but we know those print cards are still out there. But starting November 5, 2013, we’re going all digital with our instructor authorization cards so you never have to worry about a lost, damaged, or misplaced instructor card again. Your ASHI or MEDIC First Aid instructor card will always be just a click away.

Instructors can access their instructor authorization card(s) by logging into Otis and clicking on the link “Click here to print card” in the upper left corner of your dashboard.

Instructor card in Otis

For our training center directors, you can access the cards for all your instructors by going to Instructor>Manage Instructors, searching for the instructor, and then clicking the link “Digital Instructor Authorization Card.”

Instructor card in Otis for TC Director

Beginning in November, printed instructor authorization cards will no longer be provided.

Point, click, done—anywhere, anytime, your instructor authorization card is available.

Questions about all things digital at ASHI and MEDIC First Aid? Give us a call at 800.447.3177.

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