September 13, 2013

And the Good Samaritan Stories Keep On Coming In

Good SamaritansTwo entries in the continuing ASHI and MEDIC First Aid hero saga for you today.

From Lee Anne Davison, MEDIC First Aid instructor in Pennsylvania, we learn about Edna Pestano. About two weeks after her certification training, Edna was taking her sister’s dog for a walk in her neighborhood, when suddenly a passing car ran into a parked utility vehicle. She immediately activated EMS, and called 911 while heading towards the accident.  

“I felt very confident as I approached and looked at the driver since my training was very fresh in my mind,” Edna explains. “I asked if it was okay to look at her bruises since I am certified.  She suffered minor bruises with no evident bleeding.  She seemed coherent and was able to talk and sit upright.”

Edna then asked if there was anyone the driver would like her to contact, and was given a phone number for the woman’s stepmother. She placed the call, letting the stepmother know what happened and what hospital her stepdaughter would be taken to. Edna then stayed with her until the ambulance arrived.

Nominate a Good Samaritan Student

Our ASHI entry for today comes from Justin Haagen of Safety Matters Certified Training in California. In December of 2012, high school math teacher and Safety Matter’s student Paul Chiment was working in his role as assistant coach to his school’s girls soccer team. The girls were doing a warm-up lap and a 16-year-old female student collapsed.

She had suffered from catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT) which had been undetected at the time. Paul did the initial assessment and determined that CPR was needed. He began CPR and instructed another coach to retrieve the school’s AED. Paul, another coach, and the father of another one of the girls continued to perform CPR until professional rescuers arrived. They worked as a team, continuing to take turns doing CPR on the girl.

Just prior to the arrival of the fire department, the girl began to moan and breathe again. As Instructor Haagen puts it,  “the quick actions of Paul Chiment, Charles Bryant, and Sergio Garcia helped to save the girl’s life.”

Paul had taken CPR courses previously but it was only in August of 2012 that he learned how and when to use an AED.

“His school purchased the AED after the staff CPR and AED training in August 2012. Paul even took it upon himself to speak about the use of an AED at a school assembly that was held in October of 2012. He taught the students to recognize when to use an AED and to know where to find their AED if it ever became necessary to use it. He had no idea [that] in as little as 45 days later he would urgently request the retrieval of the AED and need to put his CPR training into lifesaving use. While the girl began to show signs of life seconds before the AED pads were attached, Paul was ready with the proper pad placement,” says Justin.

Congratulations and excellent work to these students!

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