August 2, 2013

Friday Feel Good Good Samaritan Stories!

We’ve made it through another workweek, so it’s time for some feel-good rescue tales from our favorite storytellers, our ASHI and MEDIC First Aid Instructors.

Fishing StoreFirst up is an entry from ASHI instructor D. Keith Hibler who teaches people to save lives at the United Services Automobile Association in Texas. He wrote us about Augustin “Auggie” Fuentes who used his training to save a man last summer.

On July 28, 2012, Auggie was at the San Antonio Bass Pro Shop, where he responded to several cries for help when a customer suffered apparent cardiac problems and was on the floor, unconscious and turning blue. He noticed several women attempting to help the man by performing CPR. They were struggling, so Auggie took over.

After several minutes of effective CPR, the gentleman was partially revived by the time the Fire Department First Responders arrived. First responders applied an AED, but thanks to Auggie’s effective CPR, no shock was advised. The patient was transported by EMS to the hospital for treatment and care.

Instructor Hibler explains that, “Several of the Bass Pro Shop Employees were asked but no one knew CPR. Auggie’s USAA Enterprise Security Training really paid off by saving the man’s life at the Bass Pro Shop that day.”

We’ve also heard from MEDIC First Aid instructor Lee Anne Davison of Pennsylvania. She sends a round of applause to Robert Carman, who surely had no idea he would use his emergency care training the very next day after his class.

On his way to work, Robert witnessed a three-car pile up on the road.  A young lady was texting and driving and slammed into a car, which caused another to slam into her. “I used what [I learned] yesterday to stabilize a woman’s neck and breathing situation until paramedics arrived,” he explains.

Our last submission is from ASHI instructor Susan Rosenberg in Ohio about student Gary North. Gary was in the right place (Costco) at the right time (July 1, 2013) to save a man from choking. At the next table from Gary’s in the food court, a man began choking on a hot dog, and suddenly jumped up and grabbed his throat.

Gary asked if he was choking and the man nodded “yes.” So Gary applied the abdominal thrust technique he learned in September, 2012, and after four thrusts, the offending piece of food was finally expelled.  As Instructor Rosenberg puts it, “Gary demonstrated that his training to recognize an emergency, remain calm, and to perform skills [could help] save a man's life.”

Thanks to all of today’s heroes! If you would like to nominate one of your students for a Good Samaritan certificate, please fill out our contact form below.

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