July 19, 2013

CPR Saves Two-Year-Old in Arizona

Drowning, CPRThe Yuma Sun offers up a great article about a two-year-old Arizona boy who survived a drowning incident thanks to the intervention of CPR by a family friend. 

Read the article here.

In addition to the wonderful news of the boy’s survival, I wanted to highlight some food for thought from Yuma Fire Department Spokesman Mike Erfert. He reminds us all about the “ABCs of drowning prevention” to help prevent these types of tragedies:


Active adult supervision. Almost like a designated driver, a “water watcher” is a responsible, undistracted adult who keeps an eye on the kid activity in and around the water, ready to step in when needed.

A heartfelt video from


Barrier fencing. Four foot-high fences with a self-latching, self-closing gate are a must-have around pools.


Our favorite – CPR. Prepared and supported by the confidence to respond, a bystander can make all the difference.

Ready for that hero training? Find a CPR class near you!

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