October 11, 2012

Why Use Twitter for Your Training Center Business? The top 5 reasons

Many Training Center Directors and Instructors have asked me why a CPR business needs to use Twitter.  My answer is always the same, there are a lot of reasons:

  1. Twitter is viral – Real-time customer connections can happen fairly easily in the Twittersphere.  Twitter allows your customers and your students to share quick, easy-to-read content with their followers. You can gain an audience through your following and in the end it can help you grow your business with referrals.
  2. Twitter for business You can spy on the competition – Want to know what your local competitors are doing? Just follow them on Twitter. Want to see how large Training Centers extend their reach? Follow them.  Not only can you check out the competition; you can also get content ideas from Training Centers and Instructors all over the world.
  3. Networking – Instructors in the CPR and first aid training industry have immense knowledge, history, and experience. This is a way to connect and share the wealth of knowledge. Tweet your peers!
  4. Connect with potential customers - Tweet or direct message other companies you hope to do business with by building a relationship first.  It’s not uncommon that a prospect doesn't return your phone call, but they often respond to tweets.
  5. Drive people to your website - Tweet valuable content (remember you can retweet and quote content from others) with links and subject lines that will drive traffic to your website or blog. Typically your website is your business hub where you convert your leads to paying customers.

Number 5 leads me to ask if you have a website to promote your training classes. If not, and you are an Instructor who earns a living by teaching, then you need a website. I can’t say this loud enough so I repeat GET A WEBSITE, Google is the new Yellow Pages! For more info on how to set up a website, go to our previous blog post Get a Website, Grow your Training Business.  You can also call us at 877 440 6049 and one of our tech support team members will contact you about setting up a website through Otis, your Online Training & Information System.

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Kristine Rice, Marketing Programs Manager 

Kristine Rice