September 25, 2012

Get a Website - Grow your Training Center

Ok, now that Advanced Otis is live, we can start talking about how to use it to grow your Training Centers.  Advanced Otis has many tools you can use to establish an online presence.

Advanced Otis, Online Training & Information Systems

First up, if you have a website, you can just drop one of the Otis APIs into your site to sell blended or classroom classes with your PayPal account.  An API is an “Application Programming Interface.” Don’t worry; it’s just a few lines of code you can copy and paste right into your website. These tools not only collect the money; they also register the student on the roster and, if the course is a blended learning class, will deliver the online portion of the class. I’m happy to report I’ve already seen that about 50 TCs have set this up on their websites.

But what if you don’t have a website yet or don’t want to take on the task of learning how to build and maintain one? Otis is ready to be your webmaster by providing you with a free website. That’s right, a free website with all the trimmings. These websites all start with “ASHIlearning” or “Mediclearning” followed by a name that you choose. So let’s say I own Bigger Test Training Company. I could have a URL that says I can put this on my business cards and other promotional items.

Training Center business card Now let’s say you already own a website name that you bought through Go Daddy or Net Solutions, but have not yet established your site. You can forward your free Otis website to that name. Our Tech Support experts can help you get that up and running in no time. So now, using the example company above, “” would go directly to the Advanced Otis site,

Finally, if you are interested in the super deluxe treatment, we can accommodate you. For a $75 annual fee, we will help you find a website name, register the site, set up the forward to your TC site, and manage the account. This nominal fee pays for the purchase of the site name and forward service and will need to be renewed annually. Tech Support will monitor and keep this updated for you—note that this fee is not included in your Advance Otis fee. It is really just a registration fee that you would pay if you did all this yourself through a domain name registration site, with their price contingent on the name you choose.

So what’s in your Advanced Otis free website?

  • Home page: Tells about your TC
  • Course listing page: Lists the courses you teach and want to sell either online or in a contract session
  • Blended listing page: Lists the blended courses you offer
  • Contact page: How to get in touch with you, because of course we want your customers to request training, training, and more training
  • Instructor page: Offers a list of active Instructors and can include a picture and brief bio
  • Log in link: Allows your customers access to their training records if you want to utilize this tool


Stay tuned for more blog posts on these features.

Frank Powers, COO

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