April 12, 2012

Empowering Students and Saving Lives

with Mobile ASHI Instructor Liz Vidad

Vidad Manikin MobileToday’s blog post introduces another of our wonderful ASHI Instructors, whose commitment to saving lives inspires all those she meets. Her smiling face surrounded by CPR manikins is a well-known sight to Lake Havasu, Arizona residents. You can’t miss it—it’s wrapped onto the side of her van, also known as the “Manikin Mobile.”

Liz Vidad is an ASHI-approved, one-woman, traveling CPR and first aid Training Center. “My vision in becoming a Training Center is to meet the needs of my students where they are, both logistically and through educational methodology,” she said.

Liz was originally trained in CPR after she became the first woman in her community to be accepted into the Marine Corps in 1977. Ever since, her training stayed with her through her time as a police officer, a safety officer for the fire department, and an AED coordinator.

“To date, I personally know of two students I have trained in CPR who have saved a family member,” Liz said. Both of the victims survived with no residual medical problems. “And the saves from choking are too numerous to count.”

However, not all of her use of training had good outcomes.

Liz Vidad and her Manikin Mobile Training Center“I performed CPR while I was a police officer on Thanksgiving of 1985,” Liz said. The patient did not survive but something important still had a positive influence on her. “I will never forget the grieving mother saying, ‘Thank you so much for trying. At least someone cared enough to try.’”

Liz incorporates that statement into the ASHI classes she teaches to provide students an insight into the heart of a family member left behind.

As her own traveling Training Center, Liz uses a van outfitted with all of her equipment so she can go to the students instead of having the students come to her. Last year, her husband had the van wrapped with the photo from Liz’s business card of her surrounded by manikins.

The Manikin Mobile is stocked with everything from ASHI books, cards, and key chains for students to keep, to a 32” TV/DVD system. She has enough manikins and AED trainers for each student to practice with during class.

Why does she keep teaching CPR and first aid after all these years?

“If I can empower someone to take action in a medical emergency, there is a chance to save a life,” Liz said. “Education is power!”

Kristine Rice, Marketing Programs Manager

I would love to hear your marketing tips for your training business and your motivation for teaching (maybe we will contact you for a newsletter article)!

Kristine Rice, Marketing Programs Manager


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