January 12, 2012

TCM Training and Tips: Email Manager Tool

I hope my last post got you thinking about what the Training Center Manager (TCM) can do for you and your emergency care training business.  Today’s tip takes a closer look specifically at the email tool.

Now, even though the TCM allows you to create custom emails, let’s start with the standard system emails already loaded into the program for you. When you activate the Admin Expiring Students Email Report, all your student data works automatically for you. This tool sends a report to each site contact 90 days before their students are due for training. Once you activate the email and edit the text, you have a reminder system automatically driving re-certification business back to you.

Today’s Tip:
Be sure to put your email address into the “to” box so then you will also receive these reminder emails. This will be a good way to guarantee follow up and get that training class scheduled.

Emails are only sent once they are activated.  The email manager tool lets you send to multiple recipients or just to one person.

Easy Steps to Activate Your Emails:

  • Access the TC Admin link on the top navigation bar

  • Select TC Email Admin from the drop-down menu

  • Navigate to the Email Templates tab to view the list of predefined email templates

  • Click Activate on the right side of the email template. The system will move the email template to the Activated Email section

Now for more tips:

  • On the Active Email page, click the email name link to edit

  • Change the “from” email to your email address

  • From the contact list find your email and, using the arrows, move it to the “to” box

  • Leave the “Reports Email Only” in the "to" box since this is what drives the email to find all your site contacts

  • Click the “add message” link and customize the email with your text

  • Click "Save" and you are ready to go

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Frank Powers, COO

Question or comments, please let me know.

Frank Powers, COO - HSI


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