September 20, 2013

Good Samaritan Stories Wrap Up the Week

Two rescue stories from the world of ASHI for your reading pleasure today.

David Lavalle of CPR & Safety Classes of RI contacted us about his student Dan Crawley. Dan is a personal trainer and owner of Alpha Fitness in East Greenwich, RI. He and his staff participate in CPR training classes through David’s ASHI training center on a regular basis.

Restaurant, choking, first aid classDavid writes,

“While dining with his family, Dan heard a commotion in another area of the restaurant and went over to see what was happening. As he approached, he noticed a man unsuccessfully attempting abdominal thrusts on a woman in obvious distress. When he reached the woman, she had lost consciousness.

Dan, along with an off-duty nurse, performed CPR in an effort to remove the object from the woman's airway. After several cycles of CPR, the object, a piece of steak, was relieved from the woman’s airway and the she started to breathe on her own. Dan along with the nurse placed the woman in the recovery position and monitored her airway until EMS and the fire department arrived to take over care.”

Instructor Lavalle concludes, “It is because of Dan's quick action and effective technique that this woman’s airway was cleared quickly and she is alive today.”

ASHI instructor James K. Hailey of Land to Sea Health & Safety, LLC in Hampton, VA, cites two Coast Guard officers who stepped up as heroes in an unlikely place.

According to a great story in The Coast Guard Compass, the Coast Guard Cutter Albacore had finished up a patrol in North Carolina. While working that evening, Chief Petty Officer Robert Kuzak overheard calls for help about a man having a seizure during a history class being offered nearby the pier. Engaging the assistance of EMT-qualified Petty Officer 2nd Class David Blonn and two others, they ran to see if they could help, bringing with them the ship’s AED.

Another officer who was participating in the history class, along with a civilian, was already initiating CPR when they arrived. The AED advised shocks, between which Officer Kuzak continued compressions and Officer Blonn administered oxygen.

The patient began breathing after the third shock as the local EMS crew arrived. The Coast Guard officers assisted in transporting the patient down the stairs and into the ambulance.

The article’s author, Lt. j.g. Anne Newton, commanding officer of the Albacore, summed it up beautifully.  She writes,

“The heroic actions of the crewmembers and the staff of the sector resulted in a life saved that evening. It was the first time either Kuzak or Blonn had used an AED and performed CPR in real life, and it was a moment they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

It has been said that life is often about being in the right place at the right time. But these crewmembers proved it is how you seize the movement.”

Wonderful job to everyone!

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