August 12, 2013

Get Ready for Back To School with Emergency Care Training

Back To SchoolI know, I know. How can it be time to talk about “back to school” yet? Didn’t summer just start?

But it really is just about time to start buying school supplies and getting reluctant kids ready to go back to their classes. District employees, bus drivers, teachers, coaches—in addition to all the typical prep work for the new school year, everyone needs to be ready to respond to an emergency at school.

Immediate CPR Might Have Saved Modesto School Worker’s Life

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If an adult passes out in the street, and gets CPR, statistics suggest his or her chances of surviving are less than 2%. And, for one staff member at the Dena Boer School in Modesto, the school nurse and paramedics proved that her cardiac event lands in that small percentile.

On the first day of school Thursday, we’re told the staff member collapsed around 9:45 a.m.

The school nurse immediately began giving the woman CPR, and when the Modesto Regional Fire Authority arrived, ambulance personnel administrated the patient one shock by the defibrillator, which was successful.

The woman is being treated at a local hospital and expected to be okay.

Has your ASHI or MEDIC First Aid training center reached out to this audience?

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While you are in Otis, stock up on student materials for your favorite programs. We historically have seen an uptick in training opportunities beginning in September, so have those cards and books ready!

A special shout-out to coaches and others who work with young athletes: You know the playing field is a typical site for medical emergencies. Even when working with young, in-shape athletes, incidents can happen. Be sure to check out some of our blog posts that touch on the importance of emergency response training, and how trained kids can even help each other out: