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We can help. ASHI and MEDIC First Aid Training Centers and Instructors provide emergency care certification training, supported by our world-class customer service and technical support. If you’re ready to become a CPR, AED, and first aid instructor, we have everything you need.
    • Easy-to-teach programs that focus on hands-on practice
    • Easy training administration
    • All programs are based on the latest science and guidelines
    • Traditional classroom or blended learning options

All this plus the industry’s most advanced Online Training & Information System.

Otis (the Online Training & Information System developed for ASHI and MEDIC First Aid Training Centers) is our business development and management toolbox. Otis is designed to handle the administration and paperwork of your training center, so you can focus on teaching classes. 

Already a CPR, AED, and first aid Instructor?

You can teach either ASHI or MEDIC First Aid programs by using your current credentials and experience. 

MEDIC Instructor App
ASHI Instructor App

Due to a system update, our online application process is currently not available. In the meantime please follow the steps below to become an Instructor and/or open a training center.

To get started, just complete one (or both if choosing to become an ASHI and MEDIC First Aid Instructor) of the instructor applications that can be found on the right and email them it, a rep will contact within 2 business days of your submission to complete the process.

If you are also opening a new training center, simply fill out the ASHI or MEDIC First Aid Training Center applications and include those with your instructor application.

If you have any questions, Please call 1.800.447.3177 for assistance.

Not a CPR, AED, and first aid instructor yet?

If you’re new to emergency care training, you can become an Authorized Instructor by attending and successfully completing our Instructor Development Course (IDC) with either ASHI or MEDIC First Aid. It’s easy:

  1. Locate an existing Training Center in your area to find an IDC class. (need assistance, call 1.800.447.3177
  2. After you complete the ASHI or MEDIC First Aid Instructor Development Course, simply fill out the ASHI or MEDIC First Aid Training Center applications.

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